Dining 4 Dollar$

If you or someone you know is looking for a way to raise money for your organization or for a good cause, Red Onion Cafe  and Seafood Bar may be just the place. We host DINING 4 DOLLAR$ every Tuesday night. DINING 4 DOLLARS writes a check to your organization that includes 20% of the sales, 100% of the cash tips and 50% of the credit card tips.  Red Onion Cafe and Seafood Bar has written checks from $200 up to $13,500 for a total of over $250,000.00 since 2010. Start to raise money today! It Couldn’t Be Easier!


          It's simple! Dining 4 Dollars is a fun and social way for you to raise money for your cause. When your supporters dine, drink, or order take-out between the hours of 5 and 8pm Red Onion Cafe and Seafood Bar will donate 20% of our sales, 100% of cash tips and 50% of credit card tips. The more guests that participate the more money your organization will receive.
          You have to eat so why not bring your appetite to Red Onion Cafe and Seafood Bar and raise some money for your organization. . Fundraisers, take place every Tuesday.
          The variety of organizations benefiting from the DINING 4 DOLLAR$ program range from local non-profits, to sports teams and school groups, to churches and even dance troupes. Other participants raising money for various charitable causes include drill teams, boy scouts, girl scouts and more.

GETTING STARTED: To arrange a day and time for your              

                                         fundraiser, contact Red Onion Cafe and Seafood Bar
           Restaurant:       425.678.8340
           Cell:                  425.218.5996  
           Email:               yourgo2catering@gmail.com 

Please include:
          Your Name...

          Title or Function of Organizaion...
          Suggested Fundraising Date (normaly booked 6 months in advance)...
          Phone Number
                        Comments or Questions

          Allow at least four weeks lead time to set up a successful fundraiser.  Lead time will allow your organization time to publicize the event to attract more guests and raise more money. Please be advised that we are booked 4 to 6 months in advance.
         A check will available to your Organization 2 weeks after the event.
         The Rules: You and your organization provide a minimum of 6 volunteers to work from 4:30 – 8pm. “Celebrity Volunteers” must be at the restaurant by 4:30 pm for training and instruction. Your volunteers will help with dishes, pouring beverages, making milkshakes and ice cream cones, busing tables, seating guests and clean up at the end of the night. Please be advised that all orders taken after 7:30 are TO GO. Volunteer orders must be placed by 7:45. We close at 8pm.


          Promoting your Event: This is critical for you to have a successful fundraiser.  It is important that you advertise your event. The more you advertise, the bigger the check we write for you. We give it our all. Your guest do not have to bring in a flyer or have to mention your organization. You may want to send out press releases, flyers to your base, personalized emails and phone calls to your base, social media your base and most of all – word of mouth. Many organizations choose to create, flyers, posters, and email blasts to get the word out to your organization members and friends.  Red Onion Burgers will help in any way we can to publicize your event. Just ask. 
          Promote the event in your community: Pass out flyers to as many friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors as possible – use social media! Advertise your event in the school newspaper, church bulletin or other publication for additional attention. Obtain raffle prizes to generate additional revenues for your group. Be sure to send out a ‘reminder’ flyer and/or email about a week before the event. Also, make sure people know they can dine in the restaurant or take food home from carry out.  You may want to include in your advertising and promotional message: We are raising money for the following reasons _________. You may want to share a fundraising goal and challenge your



         Have some fun! Many organizations will use the event to connect with family, friends and other members.  Some organizations decorate.  Some will come dressed in team's uniforms.  Be creative and bring your event to life.  Enjoy!


Increase your donations by:


  • Encouraging Cash Donations

  • Advertising that includes social media, street signs, posters and flyers

  • A reason to have dinner at Red Onion Cafe and Seafood  Bar with a theme                      Fashion Show, Music, Murder Mystery, etc.

  • Make Signs before hand and wave on 44th Ave

  • Offer a Bake Sale that includes cookie and desert sales

  • Offer a $1.00 raffle with prizes

  • Lock somebody up in jail for bail out money – we will provide the jail. The person locked up should be popular to your organization and a few phone calls to friends before the event does not hurt.

  • After the event thank your donors and attendees